Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Much talked about Diamond Lash

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I’ve been hearing so much about Diamond Lash false lashes everywhere that I eventually just broke down and bought one. Even though it was $19AUD. Diamond Lash is actually a cheap discount brand inside Japan, but outside, people seem to just charge what ever they want, justifying their price by saying that it’s good value as you get five pairs. But considering even cheap western drug store lashes cost about $10 for a single pair, maybe they’re right.

Diamond lash comes in quite a few designs. I decided to buy Angel Eye because it’s the kind of glam style I haven’t tried yet.


Being in general a discount product, the packaging is cheap and flimsy compared to packaging for Dolly Wink, Cosmagic or even Melleish. It’s just a simple soft plastic MOULD (emphasis added :P) covered over with a clear plastic lid.




The lashes are quite well made, and they come in thick clumps that end in points, fixed on a transparent spine. You can already see that these don’t look nearly as natural as other leading brands. The strands are a bit sparse, and so give a bit of a transparent effect. You may or may not like this effect.



  • Getting 5 pairs means you have heaps to spare so you don’t have to worry about pulling too hard and ruining them
  • Great for sharing with friends
  • Flexible spine and easy to apply


  • Unnatural looking, but probably because of the style, rather than the quality
  • Somewhat hard to find, even online, and normally overpriced

I can understand why Diamond lash is popular, but next time I would think of getting a different style.


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  1. I think they look pretty on you. You are gorgeous! <3


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