Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY - Re-colouring my boring shoes!!

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On a whim, my housemate bought some gold spray paint and asked me to bring out any items I would like to be made gold. So I decided to make a pair of gold shoes…


I bought these Basque shoes because they were hugely discounted. And they turned out to be the most uncomfortable and plain pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. I wore them to work once and they hurt my feet so much I changed shoes and kept these under my desk for about 6 months!


So on to the oh-so-fun painting process!

I didn’t want any paint on the inside of the shoe so we taped up the inside edges. It’s important that the tape is completely flush because spray paint is so thin and runs everywhere until it dries!


Then to further protect the inside, we stuffed the shoe with rags.


Spray paint is an enamel and behaves a lot like nail polish. It sprays on unevenly and then quickly evens itself out, so we let it sit on each surface before turning the shoe over.


Sit to dry overnight, and tada~


                          Before                                     After


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