Monday, August 22, 2011

Hats have a purpose in Melbourne

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This week was a road trip to Melbourne with my boyfriend and housemate. The weather was amazing – Sunny but cool and no rain. This city seems more suited for Europe than Australia and there’s such a laid back feel in the air that you want to just chill at a café for the whole day, watching the world go by. Which is mostly what we did. And because it was so sunny, in contrast to Canberra at the moment, I actually felt the need to wear a hat. I ordered this hat from ASOS last week, and it fortuitously arrived the morning of the trip.


I’ve said this before, but I’m occasionally impressed by the quality of pieces you can find at chain stores. This slouchy sheer black shirt was from SES for only $20. It’s exactly what I’d been looking for, for some time. The cut and proportions are amazing, not just for a chain store item, and while it’s only polyester, it drapes and moves perfectly.

The bag I used this weekend is some no name model from a Chinese seller on Ebay. I bought it because it reminded me of the Givency Nightingale and it’s been my perfect airport and overnight bag for the past two years. It’s probably not everyone’s taste, but I love the balloon-like shape. This weekend it felt like Doraemon’s magic pocket, producing the very thing you needed every time.

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