Friday, July 8, 2011

Matching your brows to your hair colour? Cosmagic Visual Up Brow!

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One challenge with dying your hair is that your eyebrows stay the same colour. I now a lot of girls also bleach their eyebrows, but as I am naturally very weary of doing anything involving strong chemicals to myself (haven’t coloured my own hair since 2001), I was very relieved to find out about eyebrow mascaras! Previously I was using concealer and eyeshadow to cover up my black eyebrows, but it never really could make it look completely natural.

Cosmagic is a Kose range endorsed by Kumicky (popteen model). The range is geared specifically to cater for the Japanese Gyaru look. They have a quite a few interesting and creative products, like the Sweet Deco Cheek blush, which I will review another time.


Like a lot of Japanese drug store products, this one comes in a hard plastic case that’s clearly too large for the product. I personally think this is quite wasteful, but it does make the product look much more appealing. Because I’m a hoarder, I always end up keeping this kind of packaging, thinking it’s ‘too nice to throw away’.

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Which is probably not a bad thing, because the packaging generally contains the instructions. I love how Cosmagic products have really detailed and well illustrated instructions. It makes you feel they’ve gone to the extra effort.



The ‘Visual Up Brow’ comes in two shades, medium brown or light brown. I purchased light brown, because I suspected that as my brows are so dark, I would end up with a medium brown anyway!


Along with an unusual squeeze tube container, you also get two cardboard eyebrow brushes, which the instructions indicate are to be used to assist in trimming down the eyebrows. This is because for this product to apply properly, your eyebrows do need to be trimmed down.


The applicator looks exactly like a mascara brush, but it has a long side and short side.


The formula is quite shimmer, and is similar to eye shadow when dry.


So here’s a picture of the mascara applied to my left eyebrow – a huge difference! I could easily believe that this was the actual colour of my brows.


I’m quite happy with this product! However I’m not sure if I could buy again, as I’m not convinced it’s an ‘essential’ tool…


  • Overall a quality product
  • Covers up even my black eyebrows extremely well. My eyebrows look like they’ve been dyed
  • Detailed instructions on Cosmagic products is much appreciated!


  • Doesn’t help much to define brow shape, so you will probably need to use an eyebrow pencil on top of it
  • Unforgiving on badly groomed brows (like mine!), colouring and emphasizing every loose hair. Actually the instructions encourage you to properly groom your brows, probably for this exact reason.
  • Can make your brows appear much thicker than they are so you will need to thin your brows down, unless you’re after the ulzzang look!
  • You need to apply quite a bit of product to cover up black hair
  • The products does also get on your skin. This appears to be the intended affect.
  • Possibly an unessential purchase. Eyeshadow x concealer does a similar job.


So what do you think? Worth buying?

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