Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Jurlique

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With all this talk of the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin, I've been on a search to find more natural beauty products. Despite a scathing review by Paula Begoun (that Jurlique products have no useful ingredients), I've consistently heard great things about this brand from my friends.

Jurlique was having a 15% off all cleansers sale, so I decided to get the Balancing Foaming Cleanser, Blemish Cream and the Daily Exfoliating Cream. The mini Herbal Recovery Gel came free with my purchase.

After using these products for a month, I noticed that my skin looked and felt smoother and finer.

Balancing Foaming Cleanser
This product promises to leave skin balanced an hydrated, containing calendula, daisy and peppermint. While it does say 'foaming', it doesn't really foam all that much.

As this is a 'natural' cleanser, it does leave your face feeling like it hasn't been completely cleaned. But the fact that it leaves some oils behind could be a good thing. Besides, my Virologist friend has insisted that the best way to clean your face is to let water evaporate off it (the evaporative process also takes impurities with it).

Herbal Recovery Gel
This product contains a blend of herbs and plant oils to 'restore, firm, hydrate and revitalise the skin'.

They were right to call this a gel. The consistency of this product is a bit confusing. It's gloopy and sticky, and reminds me a bit of oyster sauce (if it were white). Despite this, after applying the gel, my face felt much softer, albeit a little sticky.

Blemish Cream
This is supposed to be a 'coverage cream', containing calendula, hazel, self heal and, of course, tea tree oil. I have to say, the coverage aspect is non-existent. Out of the tube this look like a tinted moisturizer, but the formula is so watery that the pigment just disappears after 'blending'.

Despite its shortcomings as a coverage cream, this product does really help my blemishes heal faster.

Daily Exfoliating Cream

I love this product because it actually contains food - bits of oats and almond skins. It smells great and is really gentle. My skin looks much smoother after use. The only negative thing I would say about this is I think I could make this myself!


  1. Great review! I've tried a sample of the Jurlique cleanser, and I agree, it doesn't foam well at all. I haven't tried the moisturizers yet though :)

  2. Yup - I wish they wouldn't call it 'foaming' if it doesn't foam :P

    The best foaming 'cleanser' I've ever used is the Cha no Shizuku cleansing bar. It's got crazy foaming potential, and it cleansed so incredibly well. Unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere to get the authentic product outside of Japan.


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