Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More online shopping and necomimi neurowear

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Don't you love it when you order online, forget you did and then get a pleasant surprise in the mail? :) For me though there was an element of guilt. We and really broke at the moment and I bought these things a few weeks ago when we still had money!

I was looking in my wardrobe a few weeks ago and I realized I had kept on buying more tops and coats and no bottoms to wear them with. When I need sometimes I usually buy in bulk lol.


ASOS Knit Skirt
This is the first time I've ordered tom ASOS. My British friend introduced me to it as a catalogue you can browse at work >.<. She always talked about how great sales were in London *drool*

I tired this on last night and I'm not really sure it looks that great on me...will post pictures later!

Yah I know, brings back horrible memories of the 90's 'is it a skirt? is it a short?' fiasco, but personally I think these are vintage cool and have great light hearted prints. From General Pants.Co. Two for the price of one deal at the moment on the website! I love General Pants. Somehow this shop really gets my aesthetic! I would call their style simple, cool and effortless (not that I am any of those three!).

I was actually offered a job there last year! To get offered a job when you go into the store feels a bit like being talent scouted because all the employees are so trendy! I was very flattered but I couldn't see taking up a part time job while working full time. I kinda regret it now. I would have had an employee discount!!!

The final thing that came in the mail is a new pair of lenses from eyeandylens.com.

You can tell my kitty is a circle lens lover :)
I got the GEO Angel Define Black. I already have a pair of black ones but they are huge and sometimes can make people (who don't know about circle lenses) a bit confused! These are 14.0mm. My next lense purchase will be Princess Mimi in either grey or green!
I'm fairly certain I'm not expecting anymore deliveries...

I also just quickly wanted to mention what I want for Christmas - Necomimi (cat ears) Neurowear!! In Japan they've released the next otaku dream gadget - cat ears that move according to your mood! Apparently it reads brainwaves. My housemate the scientist has refused to buy into this premise and has labeled the whole idea 'hokum'. But how could this video be a lie?!

On a side note. I did an article on gamer girls a while ago, and I never did put up a picture of me gaming. Here it is :). I'm playing league of Legends - so much fun!! I know I look super nerdy hehe.

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