Friday, January 3, 2014

Roman Holiday

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As I seem to have gone down a path of doing bad movie spoofs, you might call today’s outfit a homage to Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Audrey was charming in all of her movies, but Roman Holiday will always be my favourite. I mean, it’s the story of a sheltered but free spirited girl escaping a mundane life to experience love in a beautiful city. You can’t not love it. And the fashion is to die for as well. Nothing is more feminine than a girl in a full skirt that floats in the wind as she speeds off on the back of a pastel blue scooter – dashing boyfriend in front. I’m actually surprised at how few people I know have seen this movie – go see it, you’ll love it! And while you’re at it, go see all the Hepburn classics, especially My Fair Lady (for the singing and dancing) and Breakfast on Tiffany’s (for the outfits!).

This gorgeous tartan dress was a surprising find at the local Salvo’s. I’m not a huge vintage wearer so it suits me just fine that this seems to be a vintage inspired design than a true 1950’s piece.

The era itself, though, is a source of great inspiration for me. It was a time of many fascinating dichotomies:  women took their appearance very seriously and always looked impeccable, but the objective of beauty was ubiquitously to appease men; many iconic female role models were born, but they all confirmed to the archaic housewife stereotype; haute couture was at its height, and clothes were works of art, but could be afforded only by a small handful of the elite. Feminism was virtually non-existent in the 1950’s and women were shamelessly objectified, and yet women today look to the glamour, fashion and culture of that time with wistful nostalgia. Including myself.

Bitches be crazy.

Thrifted tartan full dress (similar here and here) \\ Vintage Cross Shoulder Flap Bag  (similar)\\ Tony Bianco Studded Ankle Strap Heels (similar) \\ Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (similar)

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