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A few weeks ago, ingenious new smartphone app Snaptee asked me to design my own T shirt – the app allows anyone to design a T shirt in seconds using your own photo or art or Snaptee’s beautiful default fonts and have it printed and mailed to you, hey-presto! The app also allows you to publish your design on your profile and other Snaptee users can like and share it. It’s like an Instagram for T shirts. You can even make money by selling your design to other users!

So just when I thought I was the first in on the next big thing, I find out I’m jumping on the back of the bandwagon yet again. I was mouthing off about my new Snaptee at work, and how I made it ‘all by myself’ and one of the women said her kids make shirts on there all the time. It just goes to show, it’s so easy to make your own T shirt on Snaptee that even 10 year old kids are doing it. I don’t blame them, because, man, is this app addictive.

The idea behind Snaptee is reminiscent of the make-your-own-T-shirt fad of the 90’s. Remember those places where you could get your photo taken and have it printed on a T shirt? The appeal of such shirts continues to baffle me, but I guess it’s natural for humans to forgo style altogether to leave a mark, like writing on wet concrete, or putting anagrams on handkerchiefs. I’m sure there’s a warehouse somewhere in the world that contains the remains of all the unfunny T shirts of that era.

So I thought I would pay homage to that era, and make an unfunny T shirt of my own. I wanted to capture something of the fashion blogger state of mind. All pretences aside, we bloggers are just shameless peacocks, imploring others to look at us, see what we have and read what we write, and every outfit is a blog post opportunity. Like many T shirts in history, the message of this one is a patent lie — assuming, of course, that I have not mastered the ability to bend space and time.

You guys have got to get onto this app. You won’t believe how easy it is to design and make your own Snaptee! My user name on the app is ‘Closetvoyage’ – come find me!

Find out more on Snaptee’s Facebook and Website, and the app can be downloaded on your mobile here!

Happy Snaptee-ing everyone!

T shirt c/o Snaptee \\ Gestuz Leather Pencil Skirt with Split c/o ASOS (similar) \\ Vintage cross shoulder bag \\ Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Boots in Black \\ Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch \\ Swarovski Pendant


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