Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Lately I’ve been feeling very inspired by 50’s and 60’s Greaser fashions. Think James Dean, Elvis and for that matter, John Travolta. Though I’m quite sure the oiled, combed back hair won’t suit, the whole leather jacket, white tee and jeans combo is just perfection, no? This jacket is of course, BLK DNM. My kind of leather jacket isn’t cropped up to the arm pits or made so delicately that you can’t stomach a single scratch. I’m one for a ‘real’ leather jacket. It’s tough, it’s rugged, and most importantly, long.

So can you tell that I’ve been doing a lot gardening lately? Surely the leather jacket and vintage fur bag gave it away. Gardening: the one thing I’m less proficient in than sarcasm. Though I have no photographic evidence of such, I’ve been legitimately getting right into the spirit of shoveling, pruning, and even some utility vehicle driving. Perhaps this is what sensible grown ups should be doing on their days off. For someone who lives her life as a series of sporadic obsessions, the idea of homemaking is practically Stedford Wife.

BLK DNM Leather Jacket 8 (here or here) \\ Vintage Fur Bag (similar)\\ Thrifted Lee Jeans (similar) and Sunglasses (similar) \\ Isabel Marant Carol Sandals (similar here or here)

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