Sunday, November 24, 2013


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I can appreciate that after a shamelessly attention seeking (and misleading) post title like the above, it’s going to be hard to redeem myself with my usual commentary on the metaphysical implications of my outfit. So I’ll just keep it simple and get right to the point: I’m seriously obsessed with my Missguided latex pencil skirt. And by that announcement, I’ve well and truly made myself the biggest hypocrite ever. I mean, how many times have I said I hate girly pastel pink? And, that pencil skirts don’t work with my figure? And, that plastic does not, quality apparel, make? But maybe I’m not all that inconsistent. This adorable latex skirt may be baby pink, but it’s definitely got a mean streak.

On a recent ‘thrift-venture’ with fellow Canberran Fashion Blogger Heather of Heatstorm Blog, I bought myself what could quite possibly be the most cliché thing one can buy from a charity shop – an ‘I heart NY’ faux souvenir T Shirt. I bet there isn’t a girl past their twenties who hasn’t owned ‘this’ T shirt—less than half having actually been to New York—and then donated it to a charity shop. Be that as it may, I just loved how this shirt fit on me – men’s cuts are always so much cooler, and worn, of course, with the sleeves hurriedly rolled.

Mircia PVC Midi Skirt In Baby Pink c/o Missguided \\ Thrifted I Heart NY T Shirt \\ Heart Sunglasses from Opshoppers \\ Rebecca Minkoff Woven M.A.C. Convertible Cluch \\ Zu Shoes Spike Perspex Double Ankle Strap Pump

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