Saturday, November 16, 2013


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It’s stretchy, it’s clingy and unequivocally sexy, but it’s the bordering-on-dangerous shininess of latex that totally gets me. It’s so obvious to see grunginess and fetish undertones in anything made from PVC, but clothing needn’t ever be confined to their stereotypical applications. For me, latex can be ladylike and chic – in fact, it’s simply crying out to be. It all depends on the accessories - ladylike heels, a vintage cross shoulder bag and minimal bling. Of course, a very Parisian looking sidewalk in the background does wonders, also.

It might seem somewhat of a faux pas to order an entire outfit from one brand and then wear it verbatim according to serving suggestion – something very ‘me’ to do—but why tweak with a good thing when certain pieces are just so good together? You’ll have to agree that the juxtaposition of the candy floss like jumper and the ultra-glossy latex skirt, both from Missguided, is just too cool. To an extent the pieces really need each other so that neither is too sweet or spicy. I’m so in love with the perfect cropped length and extra long sleeves of this Misguided ‘eyelash knit’ jumper that I’m planning on getting one in every colour, especially the pastel pink, so I can wear skinny jeans and a beany and really dress up as a big candy floss on a stick.

You think I’m joking, but I’m really not.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my – brace yourself – ‘latex adventures’!

Mikako PVC Full Midi Skirt & Flafica Eyelash Knit Cropped Jumper c/o Missguided \\ Tony Bianco Studded Ankle Strap Pumps \\ Vintage Cross Shoulder Bag (from my mother’s wardrobe) \\ Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (similar) \\ Swarovski Pendant (here)

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