Sunday, August 25, 2013


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Wide Brim Fedora c/o Choies \\ Cue Lace Dress from Material Pleasures \\ Vintage Cross Body Bag \\ Tony Bianco Boots \\ Thrifted Sunglasses


Now that the weather is genuinely heating up (two digit temperatures, baby!), I find myself so excited about spring and summer. Canberra is not such a shabby place to spend the s-seasons. You get your taste of the scorching equatorial heat for a brief two weeks, and the rest is divvied up into the short-short days and the light jacket days – utterly manageable. That is, apart from the rain. Hey and did you know we have palm trees too? I wonder if any Canberrans can tell me where I’m standing right now?

As for my outfit, I’ve gone from monochrome last week to all black this week. Deep down I just can’t stay away from black, and I have way too much of it in my wardrobe.

I actually bought this Cue lace dress for my housemate a while ago. She was desperate for a dress for a party that weekend. She loved it, wore it, then passed it back on to me (girls look after each other like that!), but she was really surprised that the dress was from Cue. I guess a lot of people in other places in Australia think that the Aussie brand is only for work wear, and *gasp* “older women”. In Canberra, though, it’s the shiz. Not the least because a majority of the population work in the Public Service and like to look fabulous while doing so. I personally think it’s an incredibly versatile brand. This nifty LBD morphs with your accessories. Today it’s a day dress, tomorrow it will be coctail.

Inspired by my talented friend Fiona from Opshoppers to invest a bit more time doing some serious thrifting, I found these cute sunnies from the Jamieson Salvos Store. Funny. This pair of no-name-probably-from-Bali-sunglasses suit me better than some I’ve purchased in three digits. Life (and style) is funny like that!

Now a bit of word association – I’m wearing black: join my White Wardrobe Giveaway!

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