Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to be a Fashion Blogger

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Last week my favourite Canberra photographer linked me to a hilarious article on The Vine called “How to be a high class Australian fashion blogger: field report. I nearly fell off my chair when I read its sarcastic claims that to be a successful fashion blogger one has to ‘get up early and get to a cafe ASAP’, and ‘lay out your food for the best photo possible’. The article ultimately dismissed the idealised fashion blogger lifestyle as founded on meaningless, arbitrary and unachievable standards.

It was ironic then, that as I was contemplating that article, I found myself sitting at a cafe early on a Saturday morning (meeting the gorgeous Tegan, owner of Hustle & Scout), laying out my food for the ‘best photo possible’. I am the very chump demographic that the article is poking at.

It really topped it off when Tegan took my camera and snapped an awesomely cool photo of our reflections in the cafe window (foreshadowing that ‘this could be genius'’), thereby cementing our reputations as the three most pretentious women with a DSLR on a small town cafe strip.

This might be the appropriate moment to give a plug to the exciting new twilight fashion market to hit Canberra this September – Hustle & Scout: a “seasonal event aimed at bringing together high-end fashion by local designers and vintage sellers in Canberra.” Keep up with all the happenings on their facebook page!


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