Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Turtle Neck Sweater c/o Elm Knitwear (similar) \\ Zara White Asymmetric Wrap Skort (similar) \\ ASOS Sonic Heels (similar) \\ Bag c/o ROMWE \\ Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses c/o ASOS (here)

There are many challenges being a blogger based in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but over time I’ve found ways to overcome just about all of them. Lack of access to my favourite brands? No problem when you have an internet connection. Boredom? No way. There’s so much going on in Canberra I don’t even have time for it all. Isolation? It’s hard to feel isolated when there are so many people in this city who love fashion just as much as I do (but probably more so). The one thing that I still struggle with is - location. That is, the locations to take these outfit photos.

For the most part, I’ve sought out nondescript backdrops which could look like it could be anywhere in the world, the less recognisable as being Canberra the better. Locations I’ve used are probably too numerous to list, but among these: a disused car park outside the local shopping centre; a (very windy) boat shed on the lake; occasionally, my own drive way; and my favourite, surprisingly, an overgrown nature strip behind my house.

But maybe I was totally taking the fun out it - of being able to ask my local readers if they recognize the place, or even better, if they were actually there that day. These photos were taken at a location I’m sure any Canberran would recognise. Well?

Do you struggle to find a place to take photos of your ootd?


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