Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outfit: Double Jackets

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Recently I experienced one of those personal development moments, the kind that changes you and the way you view the world. For ever. The kind of experience you might have after reading Life of Pi; having an Opra-approved ‘light bulb’ moment; finding that no misfortune befell you following a walk under a ladder. By now I’ve built the theme of this post right up, but, ok, it’s really not very dramatic. My life changing moment? It was when I decided that it’s completely ok to wear two jackets at once. I can just imagine what Tim Gunn would say: "It's looking very happy hands at home granny circle. It's hippie dippie!" Ok he probably wouldn’t say that, but you would have to agree, it’s a killer quote.




I’m wearing:

Rag & Bone Langlen Moto Leather Jacket

Vintage Denim Jacket

ASOS Shirt and Beanie

VIPARO Pleated Leather Skirt

Rebecca Minkoff Woven M.A.C

Sam Edelman Boots

Collette Necklace

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