Saturday, May 25, 2013


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Vintage 80’s Printed Leather Jacket (similar) \\ Singlet Dress (worn as top) \\ Vero Moda Leather Pants \\ Zara Red Ankle Strap Heels (similar)

You know me, I’m the last person you would see in a casino (due to being entirely pessimistic about my prospect of winning), but I take great pleasure in checking out what hot female poker players are wearing to the poler table. Think actress turned poker player Shannon Elizabeth and stylish poker diva Liz Lieu. Dressing to kill for the girls is a clearly a part of their gaming strategy (can anyone say cleavage?).

Today’s outfit is my idea of a hypothetical poker game outfit, assuming for argument’s sake, I would actually play one day . More specifically, this is me dressing ‘mean’ to intimidate my opponents – tough leather pants, low cut black singlet dress and a pair of bright red heels, because, you know, red in the jungle means danger. …I crack myself up sometimes! I added my luxe 80’s leather jacket (thanks to Librarian Chic) mainly to distract. While my opponents waste time pondering the outrageously large shoulders on my jacket, I take them completely for a ride. That’s the theory, anyway.

Are you a poker diva, and what’s your gaming outfit?

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