Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Black Maxi Skirt

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For clothes to be 'wardrobe staples', I imagie they would have to be so basic that they go wtih everything, and so classic that they never go out of style. But being classic is a pretty tall order. Clearly this is true for the white T-shirt or the nuetral coloured sweater. Personally I think the black maxi skirt should join the ranks of wardrobe staple. Black is always flattering, and the length means it can be dressed to the nines with a tight fitting bodice or way down with a slouchy sweater. You may or may not agree with me. I have to thank my housemate for being able to wear this particular black maxi skirt again. The zipper had completely jamme and I had to literally cut myself out of it. My housemate pulled one of those 'Elves and the Shoe Maker' scenarios on me and fixed it one night as a surprised. I suppose now it's my turn to gift her a sock to free her from her elfly duties.

All About Eve Varsit Jacket
Sportsgirl 'Kapow!' Tank
Witchery Silver Clutch
Zara ankle strap kitten heels

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