Friday, April 26, 2013

Outfit: The Side Slit Maxi Dress

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I don’t know what it is about being around the police. There’s a feeling of apprehension, of being found out, even when you know you’ve done nothing wrong (that you know of). I was once famously stopped at a traffic stop breathalyzer, and when asked by the policewoman ‘how’s your night been?’, I nervously blurted ‘Nothing happened!’. Just to be annoyingly mysterioso, I’m not going to offer any explanation or context for the above. However I will say that today’s outfit is not at all police (or gangster) inspired. I’m heavily crushing on side slit maxi dresses, which remind me of Tomb Raider in Tokyo circa 2006. This Selected, deliciously long maxi dress is one of my favourite pieces for Winter – long enough to be weather appropriate, and infinitely layerable.




Rag & Bone Moto Jacket

Selected Side Slit Maxi Dress

Vintage Guess? backpack (converted to clutch)

Pikolinos Lace Up Boots



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