Friday, April 19, 2013

Designer Feature: Toby E Handmade Jewellery

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In the lead up to Canberra’s Food & Fashion Market and FASHFST in May, I will be featuring a number of unique Australian designers involved in these events. Toby E is a hand crafted jewellery label by Toby Eagle and has been worn by celebrities including popsta Kesha and tv host Amanda Keller. Wearers of Toby E Jewellery are able to 'express yourself, be bold and unique'.

The Warrior Arches Flame and Warrior Iris necklaces are pieces from Toby E's 'Warrior' collection which:

encapsulates the Strength and defined constructional elements found in both battle amour and coastal tribal wear. Using old techniques to assemble as well as natural fibers that were commonly used.

The pieces have a strong medieval and primitive feel, with the organic materials encorporated (the leather strap and feather), and the deliberate crudeness of the construction. They bring to mind mysticism, ancient rituals, and enigmatic atifacts. This is contrasted against modern symetry and clean geometic shapes. While based on battle armour, and having a decidedly hard edge, there is subtle femininity worked into the designs. The Warior Arches Flame necklace features a petal like design, and the hard metal work of the Warrior Iris necklace is softened by the voluminous black feather insert.

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Toby E will be at the at the Canberra Food & Fashion Market on Saturday 4 May 2013.


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