Friday, February 15, 2013

Discriminatory holidays

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The fact that Valentine’s Day is so awesome makes it totally not awesome. Like all holidays, it’s downright discriminatory. They should introduce a Lonely Singles’ Day to even things out. That said, I did receive a very nice text message from my boyfriend on the morning of, which, for someone whose idea of romance is leaving me the last dumpling on the plate, was a pretty big deal. It simply said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day <3’, and yet it made me the happiest girl this side of the country where people are routinely proposed to via flash mob. Romance. It’s all about timing, context and expectations.


For me, romance, has to be rather unconventional, or it just seems insincere and artificial, like it’s been copied out of a movie. I hate all the Audrey Hepburn movie clichés, and I actually dread being proposed to because I think I’ll probably either end up in a fit of laughter at the corniness of it all or just die of embarrassment (if proposed to via flash mob). I also think romance should occur spontaneously.  Although it sounds amazing to have a video record of the moment forever, I don’t know how I’d feel about my husband to be hiring a film crew to hide behind the bushes while he dropped down on one knee. So for me, a text message saying simply 'Happy Valentine's Day <3' was probably the perfect heart felt gift, allowing me to give a gentle obligatory nod to another discriminatory holiday.

So did you have a Valentine’s Day that lived up to your (or society’s) expectations?

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