Saturday, November 24, 2012

China Haul

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It’s so hard to settle into boring everyday life after a holiday! Although I never thought I would be glad the shopping is over! What I love slash hate about shopping in China is that there’s just so much of everything. Interestingly there was a huge difference in trends appearing in mall chain stores and the subway markets. In chain stores, like Zara, Topshop, Forever21 etc., it’s was all about prints and military. In the markets, leather and studs were everywhere. Here’s what I picked up.

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I wore this here


These pleather power shoulder blazers were everywhere when I was travelling. The Chinese are really obsessed with that sexy chic Korean Ulzzang look, complete with super long winged cat eye makeup!


I wore this here.


Worn here.




The subway markets were really good for buying these offbeat kind of accessories. Although I never did see anyone wear them on the street. I wore the gold car ears here.


I didn’t intend to buy any shoes while I was overseas, as I didn’t fancy the idea of lugging them back (and the fact that I have to many shoes), but these UNIF style all-over studded loafers had been on my wishlist for so long that I had to have them. The store keeper swore they were pony skin, but the fact that the shoes claim to be an Australian brand really had me doubting. I have never heard of an Australian brand ‘E&Q’. What the hell could the Q stand for? Qantas? I wore them here.

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