Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Review: Garnier BB cream (Miracle Skin Perfector)

Pin It Now! Since everyone’s main complaint with Garnier’s original BB cream was that it was greasy and was terrible for oily or combination skin (oh and of course that it’s coverage was underwhelming). So when I heard that the there was a new Garnier BB cream that was designed for oily and combination skin, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I have to say I’m really impressed with this product. If you are used to using Asian BB creams, then this one will feel much more familiar.
I still can’t figure out what this product is supposed to be called! Is it ‘BB cream’ or ‘Miracle Skin Perfector’? Or is it ‘BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector'?
Like the regular Garnier BB cream, Garnier BB Cream for Oily and Combination Skin promises to improve the look of skin by evening skin tone and minimizing imperfections, but it’s unique that it is oil free and gives a decisively matte finish. It also promises to control shine, containing ‘perlite’, which is supposed to be ultra-absorbent and keep skin matte throughout the day. Perlite is an expanded amorphous (non-crystalline) mineral that has traditionally been used for industrial purposes, but it’s absorbent qualities has also been used for skin care purposes. In fact, Garnier also uses perlite in its minieral antiperspirants. So I’m actually finding it difficult not to picture Garnier BB cream for oily and combination skin as antiperspirant for your face.
The product is dispensed through a tiny nozzle. This appears to be very much needed as the product is water thin, but a heaps still oozes out the first time you open it.
5As you can see, the consistency of Garnier BB cream for oily and combination skin is thin and very runny. I decided to buy the ‘light’ shade, but it turns out to be too light for me.
The moisture in the formula is immediately absorbed, leaving a completely matte finish. The coverage is very even. However, Garnier BB Cream for oily and combination skin is a little difficult to blend out, if you don’t do this quickly enough before it dries. You’ll start to feel the drying effects of the perlite immediately. This would definitely a product for oily/combination skin. Normal or dry skin will completely dry out.
And now, the part I’m sure you’ve all come here for – coverage. Interestingly, both original and new Garnier BB creams are quite vague about how much coverage the offer. While original Garnier BB cream stated that it would give an ‘instantly flawless finish’, raising disappointed expectations about it’s coverage, Garnier BB Cream for oily and combination skin promises to give ‘optimum coverage’, leaving you wondering what the very subjective term of ‘optimum’ means.
Despite the vague promises, I am actually very happy with the coverage that new Garnier BB cream delivers. Redness is reduced, blemishes are faded and dark circles are less visible. With some concealer for problem areas, the skin looks clear and healthy.
The pure matte finish is powdery and, in my opinion, not the most natural look. I prefer a finish somewhere between dewy and matte, such as with Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream. If a BB Cream doesn’t look natural, then it kind of defeats the point.
As for the oily controlling properties, this performed quite well. My skin remained matte for most of the day, with a little shine appearing by the end.
Everything considered, this is a really good product for oily/combination skin. It comes in two shades, light and medium.
  • Medium coverage that should be sufficient to cover up redness and minor blemishes
  • Gives true matte finish 
  • Controls oil throughout the day
  • Quite drying, and would not be suitable for normal and dry skin types
  • Will exacerbate dry patches of skin

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