Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September cheap and chic Ebay finds under $20

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ebay shopping is pretty damn addictive. But the best thing about ebay is that there are so many great things that are cheap as chips (mostly from Asian vendors), if you know how to find them. If shopping bans were weight loss diets, then cheap and chic Ebay buys are low fact yoghurt!

A trap when buying ultra cheap fashion on Ebay is getting the item in the mail and realising the product looks so flimsy and crappy you’d be embarrassed to wear it. I tend to stick to styles that you really can’t go wrong on. These include things like general legwear and socks, chiffon, draped and slouchy styles (as these are forgiving on shoddy tailoring and bad fit), and simple designs with great prints (so that the prints are the focus rather than construction). Items I generally avoid are pants, jeans and shoes. Pants and jeans because it’s hard to work with these if they are the wrong fit. Shoes, just because they are almost always expensive enough due to shipping, that they are always outside of the ‘cheap and chic’ category.

Here are some of my favourite Ebay finds of September. Shipping costs are free unless otherwise indicated!

Ombre Stockings $4.50 per pair

Printed bomber jacket $17.49

Long sleeve chiffon maxi $16.99 ($6.99 shipping)


Mint high low dress $12.59

Paisley Trousers $8.33

Dapper one piece $8.90


Versace x H&M look inspired skirt $19.49

Baroque collared jump suit $24.19

Rad chiffon varsity jacket  $15.99

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Polka dot top $9.99

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