Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday review: Neo Vision Ruby Queen Blue Review – effervescent doll eyes

Pin It Now! With all the jewel inspired lens designs around, I’m impressed that the new Ruby Queen contact lens series from Neo Vision can actually improve on what’s already been done to death by other lens brands!


I’m advised that Neo Vision Ruby Queen is available exclusively through my circle lens retailer of choice, www.eyecandylens.com!


Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable


The design features a defined black border and sky blue pigments in varying opacity, to mimic the look of multi-faceted intricately cut crystal. The concept is similar to the Dueba Crystal Diamond series, but the design is completely different, and in my opinion, much more wearable.
This lens might not look so ‘effervescent’ now, but wait till you see them on!


Against my very dark eyes, the blue colour doesn’t show up as vividly as I would have hoped, but nonetheless, Neo Vision Ruby Queen Blue gives a beautiful sparkly blue glow, almost like dancing blue flames in your eyes (corny, I know!).


While the size is surprisingly small, at 14.2mm, this lens gives such a doll eyes effect, and really reminds me of glass eyes of Asian jointed dolls. I would recommend lighter makeup due to the size of this lens, and not drawing your eyeliner too long.


In directly light, that ‘dancing flame’ look I talked about is even more striking.


While with most coloured lenses, the design is always a bit too sharp, making it obvious that it’s a digital print, Neo Vision Ruby Queen Blue has such a subtle fluid design. Of course the design of Neo Ruby Queen Blue clearly isn’t meant to resemble the human iris, it’s still quite subtle and even ‘natural’ looking.


See? Effervescent!


And finally, comfort. When I opened the lens bottles (with much difficulty), I noticed is that one of the lenses actually suctioned onto the glass. No amount of shaking would budge it. I actually had to get my finger in there and pull it out. So then I was wondering if a lens that suctions so easily onto smooth surfaces would be comfortable. But to my relief, Neo Vision Ruby Queen Blue may actually be the most comfortable lens I’ve ever worn. I actually forgot I had them in throughout the day!


For someone who rarely wears anything other than brown lenses, I am totally in love with this blue lens! The design is unique and so very pretty, but at the same time, the size and subtlety makes it extremely wearable. Get a pair of your own here!

  • Beautiful jewel inspired design that, in my opinion, improves on similar designs from other brands
  • Glowy, effervescent effect
  • Gives a Asian jointed doll glass eyes like look
  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Small size makes it easy to wear and can be wore with minimal makeup

  • At 14.2 mm, may be too small for some

Disclaimer: I can only review this lens from the point of view of looks and my own experience. Contact lenses and anything else you put in your eyes can be potentially harmful if faulty or not correctly worn. Please use them with care!

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