Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Midweek Outfit–Union Jack Sweater and Pink Jeans

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I wore: Union Jack Sweater – http://www.sheinside.com/ • Jeans by Cheap Monday – http://www.generalpants.com.au/ • Satchel – H for Handbag • Boots – http://www.zushoe.com.au/


For the longest time I was adverse to any colours outside of the spectrum between brown and black. I’ve been slowly socialising myself to colour, but recently I’m loving going monochromatic à la Picasso in his ‘Rose Period’. Not only am I buying up pink and mauve all over the shop, but I find myself itching to wearing them together. There was of course great colour theory wisdom in Picasso’s rose period pieces, where he used blue as a contrasting colour element in pieces predominantly consisting of pinkish tones(can you tell I studied art in high school like a good little beatnik? haha). So I think that’s the key to going monochromatic, a little bit of contrast. Maybe that’s why the union jack has translated so well into fashion, with it’s perfect balance of red and blue, and natural geometric appeal. This oversized union jack sweater from http://www.sheinside.com/ has fast become one of my favourite pieces, and I get so many compliments about it from random strangers, it’s getting weird! Unfortunately, I doubt the Australian flag will ever reach similar cult status.

The Australian flag as fashion? Yes/No

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