Thursday, July 26, 2012

Midweek Outfit–Polka dot shirt and maxi skirt

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I wore: Polka dot shirt – FELT • Pleated maxi skirt c/o Jovonna London • Bag – H for Handbag • Boots – Zu Shoes • Bracelet – Vanity Box


While I often talk down shopping in Canberra, I have picked up lots of really awesome things from local boutiques and even the chain stores. FELT is a great shop to visit once every so often, as they have limited stock and high turn over, so there’s always something new. I’m always surprised the cool things I find there. This contrast collar polka dotted shirt is perfect as far as I’m concerned. It’s great for work and off duty, and yeah, it’s polka dotted – need I say more?


This Jovonna London Maxi Skirt, of course, originates online. Certain styles are just not found in a small town in Canberra. Although, on a brief visit to K-mart recently, of all places, I actually saw some great maxi and high low styles. My theory is that you can’t go wrong with draped clothing, so you can risk buying these styles cheap. K-mart apparel hasn’t tickled my fancy so far, but as a self proclaimed recessionista, I don’t see any reason why, if there was a nice piece, I wouldn’t welcome it into my wardrobe.

K-Mart: Stay away OR fair game?

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