Sunday, July 8, 2012

End of week outfit: Floral pants and white blazer

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I wore: White semi structured blazer - Witchery • Chiffon vest - Thrifted • Floral print trousers - www.asos.com • Clutch and ankle cuffs - ebay • Shoes – General Pants Co.


Today’s outfit is all about the poor forgotten pieces. The pieces that enjoyed about 5 minutes of exciting after purchase, and then were left unworn – but not unloved – in a corner of the wardrobe, while other less ‘senior’ members of the brigade were given their debut… I blame the recent sales, which had me in a bit of a retail frenzy for a while there, and left me with, wait for it, more clothes than I have time to wear! This is disappointing, as I have a rule that every piece I purchase has to be worn at least once before adding it to the ‘unwise purchase’ pile.

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  1. Love this outfit ! The pants are so pretty


    Xoxo | Chloé


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