Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Midweek outfit–The new leather skirt

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I wore:
Cropped animal print top from FELT
Faux Leather Skirt by Alice in the Eve from General Pants Co.
Biker boots by Dolce Vita, thrifted
Necklace from Collette

Leather once stood for hard, shiny and ultra-sexy, and was altogether unfeminine. The ‘leather skirt’ used to come in just one accepted shape – straight tight and tube. And I wouldn’t have been caught dead in one, not with my full thighed figure. But no more! Recently it’s just as common for leather to be draped as fitted. This faux leather skirt from General Pants Co. was love at first sight, confirming to me once again why I to shop at General Pants. I love that it falls and moves, despite the leather look. I couldn’t think of anything better to wear with it than my recently acquired second hand two sizes too large biker boots – but then again, I seem to wear those with everything now!

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