Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of week outfit - Autumn Florals

Pin It Now! It’s gone int Autumn now here in Australia, but in Canberra, it feels more like winter! On a rare warm day, I love nothing better than to spend it outdoors in the sun (with appropriate SPF applied of course!). I never realised what a destination Glebe Park in Canberra was for Autumn sightseeing. There were surprisingly quite a few tourists taking photos of the golden yellow Autumn trees. With so many people with cameras, I didn’t feel as silly taking pictures there myself.
I wore: Chiffon blazer by Nishe from www.asos.com; Skirt from Forever New; Lita Python by Jeffrey Campbell; Bracelet and ring from www.vanitybox.com.au
I’m wearing a bracelet and ring courtesy of www.vanitybox.com.au! I just love their jewellery range, high quality, beautifully made, and feminine chic. 
This bow motif bracelet features a segmented band and sl clip to close it securely around your wrist. I just love this because one of the reasons I don’t wear bracelets often is because they are always falling off!
Glebe park in Canberra is beautiful at the moment. I don’t usually take an interest in nature photography, but I just had to get this scenery down because it all disappears.
I know that floral prints are predominantly something worn in the warmer seasons, there’s such great floral prints around at the moment (due to the rest of the western world being in Spring), that I wouldn’t think twice about wearing these in the Australian winter. The next item I would love to get my hands on is a pair of chic floral print trousers. I’ve pinned my pick recently, a perfect pair by Dolce & Gabbana. But being unlikely to afford that one, the next likely candidate is this pair by Zara, sold out immediately, but can be found on ebay.com for an inflated price of about $100AUD. Like other sold out cult Zara items, I know I won’t be able to resist!
Prints, should they be worn by season?

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