Sunday, April 22, 2012

Outfit post: Print clashing? I don’t know how to ‘print match’!

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I wore: Cardigan from Belconnen Fresh Food Markets; Dress from Koom; Shoes by See by Chloe

Every winter I find myself completely unprepared. When the mercury falls, all sense of style disappears and you’ll likely see me dashing down the local shops in my fat pants and ugg boots over three layers of long johns. But this year will be different! – I vowed.

I’ve been picking up the odd winter items since February (yes I like to start my preparations outrageously in advance), and my latest acquisition is this totally cute Navajo print cardigan. You’ve probably seen this particular cardigan all over the internet. I’ve seen it sold at at least 5 different Asian fashion boutiques now, both online and offline, but I did not expect to see this on a rack at my local Markets.

There’s a little shop that sells a lot of odd clothes imported from Korea, but the styles are all either quite basic, aimed at children and mums, or super formal - a plethora of taffeta(?) bridesmaid dresses. This time though, the aesthetics of the different demographics seemed to have aligned. What may have looked to a mum like a perfectly boring and everyday cardigan to wear around the house turned out also to be a main stream style hit, thanks to the Navajo print and dolman sleeve trends in recent years. It wasn’t particularly cheap, at $45 (though I did score a ‘first time customer’ $5 discount), but the irony was so perfect that I had to have it!

On another note, this most recent purchase marks the beginning of my new spending ban. I’ve been tracking my spending on a new app last fortnight, and the statistics have been alarming!

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