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Review: Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream

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I’ve seen a lot of comments on my BB Cream reviews that people are not getting the best results out of BB Cream because of oily skin. So here is one of the few BB Creams that is specifically designed for oil and sensitive skin types – Skin79 dream girls BB! Also, like the Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, and you can guess from the whimsical packaging, Skin79 dream girls BB is marketed towards teenage skin.

I love the quilted embossing on the box of Skin79 dream girls BB – it reminds me of my pillow haha.


Like all Skin79 BB Creams, dream girls BB comes foil sealed, so you can have complete peace of mind that this is fresh from the factory to you!


So now on to the promises of Skin79 dream girls BB! These are:

  • Strong sebum controlling effect
  • Formulated to be suitable for sensitive and troubled skin
  • Excellent UV Protection at SPF30/PA++
  • Evens out skin tone and conceals flaws, apparently helping you achieve baby like skin
  • Non-oily and feels fresh when applied

Apparently Skin79 dream girls BB is also suitable for dry skin types, complimented by your usual skin moisturising regiment. For oil skin types, it is recommended that you skip any moisturising step prior to applying BB cream.

dream girl copy

So here’s the product out of the tube. Immediately you can see that this formulation is very different from other Skin79 BB creams in that it’s much thinner and begins to flatten out immediately.


Skin79 dream girls BB is so smooth and easily spreads onto the skin. It is non-oily, as promised, and feels very fresh on the skin. A little also seems to go a long way. Compared to the Skin79 Super BB creams, dream girls BB is much more sheer, and therefore more readily blends to your skin colour. However, as discussed below, it has less potential for coverage. The finish is dewy…at first!


And it appears to turn matte after the moisturising component is fully absorbed into the skin. I prefer a matte finish, so this gets a tick from me!


Now to the coverage. (If you’ve been following my BB cream review series, you’re probably getting sick of seeing this side of my face!) You can see that in the first picture, my bare skin has quite uneven skin tone and some pesky pimple scaring. After applying two layers of Skin79 dream girls BB, my skin tone is much improved. Notice that this BB cream hasn’t totally made my face pale! However, while my scars have become a little fainter, they are still definitely there. So to complete the look, I applied concealer to completely erase the scars and then mineral powder to matte out the finish.

I think looking at these snaps you’ll agree that Skin79 dream girls BB really does help you achieve the appearance of baby soft skin! Because of its lower pigmentation, it’s completely buildable even for people with darker skin tones. But due to the relatively light coverage, it’s probably not a BB cream that you can wear on its own. Concealer is definitely a must. This BB cream would also be perfect as a non-irritating, non-oily makeup base under foundation.


Here’s my look, created with Skin79 dream girls BB cream!


When I first tried this BB cream I was disappointed by the low level of coverage. But as with all BB creams I’ve reviewed, I continued to use the product for at least one week before forming an opinion. My final assessment is that while Skin79 dream girls BB cream has less coverage than other BB creams I’ve tried, I love the way that it makes my skin look so smooth and…well..fresh! Also I’ve found that applying multiple layers greatly improved the coverage potential. I also love that it doesn’t completely pale out my skin, even when several layers are applied. Best of all, this BB cream has been great in controlling oiliness. I experienced no shine throughout the day.


  • Thin and smooth formula that is easy to apply
  • Non-oily and feels light on the skin
  • Provides sufficient moisture for oily skin while at the same time effective in controlling sebum
  • Formulated to be caring and non-irritating for sensitive skin
  • Also great for dry skin types, however extra moisturiser should be used before application
  • Evens out skin tone and makes skin appear smooth, fresh, and youthful
  • While the finish is dewy at first, it tends to matte out after the moisture is absorbed into the skin
  • Likely to make a great primer as it is non-oily and evens out skin tone
  • Due to lower pigmentation, is more likely to blend to darker skin tones


  • Light coverage that may not be enough for people with more than minor blemishes
  • May not provide sufficient moisture for dry skin types, but this is countered by applying additional moisturiser underneath
  • Only comes in one light shade and may not be suitable for all skin tones


This BB cream was sent to me by www.mybbcream.com.au!


I first caught wind of this vendor when I saw their special offer on http://www.ouffer.com/. It seemed clear to me that this company was interested not only to sell BB Cream to current fans of BB Cream in Australia (mostly Asian customers), but also to bring Korea BB Cream into the main stream. If this is one of their goals then I’m right behind them – in my mind Korean BB Creams are still the ‘original’ and the best.

This from their website:


If you are wondering which BB cream is right for you, check out mybbcream’s skin type analysis and their 2 step process to picking your perfect product!

I had a read of their Wholesale page and it looks like if you can get 4 of your friends together to buy and share, you can get 1/4 knocked off the price! This from the website:

  • Get any 5 BB Creams & enjoy 25% discount!
  • Get any 10 BB Creams & enjoy 30% discount!
  • Get any 20 BB Creams & enjoy 35% discount! (Mix-and-match accepted)

Also, for a limited time you’ll get miniatures as free gifts of any purchase of full sized BB Cream!

As well as BB Creams, Mybbcream stocks an impressive range of other Korean beauty products from makeup to skincare.

They have a great well structured and easily to navigate website – I really hope you guys check it out!



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