Sunday, March 25, 2012

End of Week outfit–*gasp* dots vs floral

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Remember when there used to be rules in fashion like, don’t wear pink with orange, never match your shoes and bag unless you’re 70 years old, and dun dun DUN, don’t wear polka dots or stripes with floral? I kinda liked that because, well, I’m a lawyer, and we’re lost without our rules! But then again, now that the only rule seems to be that rules should be broken, which, I guess, also includes the rule about breaking rules, there’s not much anyone can say to criticize what you wear other than ‘I don’t like it’. But a statement like that just makes you look like a grouch!



I wore: Top from FELT, Skirt and socks from Forever New; Shoes by Churches famous English shoes, thrifted; Bag and pendant from ebay.

Shortly after buying this floral skirt it dawned on me how much it resembled a neck scarf. In fact, I was dubious that it wasn’t just a scarf with a zipper attached. I mean it’s got the edging and everything! Luckily I happen to love using things for purposes for which they were not intended-like wearing shoes as hats, perhaps!-and I really like the idea that someone might think I was cheap and converted a scarf into a skirt!

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  1. Cute look....really nice outfit dear.


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