Sunday, February 12, 2012

Style Crush: Ena Matsumoto

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Right now I’m totally style crushing on Ena Matsumoto, Happy Nuts model and producer of her own fashion line, Emoda. I’m not a Happy Nuts fan, but I think Ena’s style has a whole other level of sophistication that’s completely unique to her.

To me her style is sexy, quirky, edgy and ‘large’. By ‘large’ I mean that she really pulls of the big accessories – the big carry all bags; the big statement earrings; oversized shirts in all shades and matters. The thing I love most, though, is how she makes it all look completely effortless. You get the feelings that she just threw on the first thing she saw and yet it always looks polished and pulled together.

I also think her Emoda brand really reflects her aesthetic. It’s all about painted on jeans, loud printed tights and slouchy knits and shirts. Looking at Ena’s outfit posts on her blog makes me feel like rethinking my whole wardrobe => http://ameblo.jp/ena-matsumoto/  and tumblr=> http://enamatsumoto.tumblr.com

But as much as I’d love to emulate her style I think I’ll have to lose about 5 or 10kg first!






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