Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tutorial–Okarie’s droopy eyes!

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A few people have asked me whether I would do an Okarie inspired tareme (droopy eyes) makeup tutorial. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Okarie’s makeup style, but I really admire that she’s serious about her blog, isn’t afraid to show her bare face and shares all her makeup secrets with all her fans. 



Start with a clean slate by applying your foundation. I used Garnier BB Cream as a base, and my favourite foundation at the moment, Chanel Aqua Lumiere water based foundation.

First up is eyebrows. Okarie keeps hers really thin and light. I used Cosmagic Brow-up eyebrow mascara to lighten my brows.


Then apply a light pink blush. I’m using Ameli Shiny Cake Blush. Apply over the apple of your cheek for the dolly cute look.


Now eye shadow. At the moment, I’m totally head over heels for this four tone smoky eye ‘the talking palette’ by Stila.


Apply like pictured. The trick is to darken up the outer edge of eye, while lightening the rest, using the mid tone (3) to define the eye socket and the darkest shade (4) to start creating the tareme effect.


The next important step is eyeliner. I’m using Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. Resist your urge to draw out the wing by following your natural eye line. Okarie draws her wing at a downward angle, like below.


Now the false lashes. For upper lashes I’m using trusty Dolly Wink No.1. Okarie often layers up two sets of upper lashes to make them look super thick.


For lower lashes, I’m using a set of natural looking Taiwanese made lower lashes from ebay, and Dolly Wink No.7 ‘Vivid pop’. I also used No.7 in my Ageha tutorial.


Cut the lower lashes in half, as we only need them on the outer corner of the eyes.


Apply half of each of the lower lashe son the outer edges of each eye, then place Dolly Wink No.7’s over the top.


As a final touch to the eyes, use your liquid eyeliner to draw a black line right in the middle of your tear line.

T_14Finally, apply a light pink shade of lipstick and clear lip gloss. I’m using Peri Peri Wonder of Lips in peach, and MOR lip Marshmellow.


Annnd, curl your hair~


Okarie always leave two strands on either side of her face uncurled. This is because she has a broad face in gyaru model terms and this helps thin her face down.


So there you have it! It’s a really easy look to create – good luck!



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  1. wow, you're look great <3
    i dont have any courage to use that false lashes. lol
    mind to follow each other dear?



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