Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mid-week outfit: prickly but worth it!

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After taking pictures in my backyard for the past few weeks, I’ve decided it’s totally past due for me to change up the background! Fortunately, over the spring, all this wonderful tall grass has sprung up in the nature strip behind my neighbourhood. Shooting with a remote among the grass was a little challenging, and not to mention, damn prickly, but I’m happy I got some depth into my photos for once.

Anna from http://fenuabeaute.blogspot.com/ was telling me that my blog is somewhat like a photography blog, because of all the high res photos I upload. I think she’s right. I kept on upgrading my skills and gear to get better quality pics for my blog, but in the mean time I actually developed a real passion for photography. Especially after getting the opportunity to do some commercial shoots for material pleasures, I felt like it’s probably time for me to submit myself to some formal training, rather than just messing around with this trial and error bs. I remember when I took drawing lessons my illustration skills improved more in two weeks than it had in two years!



Wearing: Shirt, thrifted; belt by Country Road (I love Country Road belts!); Skirt from ebay.com; Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Moving on to other business…

A while ago when Jen from http://nynb.blogspot.com/ commented on my Bambi Almond Brown review that she really wanted a pair – so I sent her one! I didn’t expect anything back, but a pleasant surprise package from Jen was waiting for me earlier this week! This is officially the first thing a blogger friend has sent me something in the mail since I published my first post back in April last year.

How cute is the stationary!


So many masks to try – thanks so much Jen!


Oh a side note. Those of you who read my random and sporadic twitter rantings have been kept up to date with my break up from my boyfriend of 7 years in November last year. This inevitably lead to me being absent from the blogsphere for the next couple of months while I got my life back in order. Luckily, or perhaps unwisely, I have someone new in my life :)

You always hear those stories about people suddenly taking up uncharacteristic hobbies after a breakup. Well I’m no exception to that stereotype, as it turns out. I thought I might share with you, via self indulgent photos, what random things I’ve been up to the past few months.


Like…what?? Yeah the fact that I’d never set foot in the kitchen before was clear to everyone when I kept on asking where the salt was kept!



This is even lower on the scale of likely things Jiawa would do. You know, because I hate dirt, and bugs, and being damp…oh and I’ve killed more plants than I have grown. But my boyfriend’s been the one out watering the little shoots everyday…still haven’t quite figured that part out yet!



On that note, I’ll end this unnecessarily long post with a random camwhore flash!!


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