Monday, November 21, 2011

Ramping up my nerdiness with Nerdbird.de accessories!

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Being a huge lover of miniatures and all things oldschool kitch, it was love at first sight when I saw the unique and quirky designs at www.nerdbirds.de. Also the designs reminded me of Paris Kids in Harajuku ~ which I used to stalk when I was living in Japan! The lovely people at Nerdbirds were kind enough to send me a few accessories for me to review and share with my readers!


When the package came, I was so impressed. The Nerdbirds team really put so much love into everything they do! Not only were all the accessories packaged beautifully in individual packets, but the postal box itself bore the Nerdbirds emblem.


The arrangement of the products in the box was also so neat, with pretty pink tissue for padding. I also received a couple of promotional stickers and some bonus candy! Sour worms – yum! How did they know they were my favourite?!


The first item is Nerdbirds’ XXL Nerd Necklace *Goldmirror*. Die cut from reflective acrylic, this necklace is so retro and bling! I wish I hadn’t lost my Rayban wayfarer glasses so I could wear these together D: Bonus? It doubles as a portable mirror lol


I totally started drooling when I saw this jelly motif ring – so frick’n addorable!! It’s so intricate for someone so small, and I’m just such a sucker for miniatures. 45

And lastly, my favourite - how retro is this gold tone analogue volume dial!! Absolutely a perfect statement for someone who talks as loudly as I do. I can just imagine people trying to reach for it during a conversation with me!


The package from Nerdbirds had a flyer in it titled ‘Moustache Attack!’. I kind of gathered what this was all about from the context, but I got my German speaking housemate to translate it for me. Cut out the moustache, take a photo with it and put it on facebook – hilarious!


So I did.


Not bad…I might consider growing one ;D


But wait, there’s more! One paper moustache goes a long way.

Why not share it with your friends…


Or your pet Ragdoll…


I really hope you guys check out www.nerdbirds.de – I know you’ll love them as much as I do! I’m going back for more very soon!


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