Sunday, September 4, 2011

You buy it you wear it

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Another beautiful spring Saturday. We had a huge sleep in and then spent the rest of the day helping my housemate buy equipment and build his ‘dream desk’. I took my new Dolce Vita Raleigh Wedges out for a spin. I’ve wanted these shoes ever since I saw the Chloe Sovereign for Opening Ceremony Buckle Wedges from 2009 (the style the Raleigh Wedge is based on). I’ve seen versions of this style from a few different shoe labels, but I’ve always thought the Dolce Vita design is the most balanced looking.



Wearing: American Apparel Oversized Chiffon Shirt; High waisted culottes by Subtitled (from General Pants Co.); Vintage bag from my mother’s wardrobe; Dolce Vita Raleigh Wedge

This outfit is probably going to be quite historical, as it will be officially the last time I’m wearing these polka dot culottes from Subtitled (General Pants Co.). They will be the next item I’ll be putting up for sale in my closet sale. I love the style, but unfortunately I’ve always felt they didn’t look quite right on me, probably because of my distinctly un-Asian chunky thighs. But I’ve been making a point to wear these often to try and ‘make it work’. So now I can definitively say that they won’t be making the team in my closet.

In other news, my spending ban is well and truly over. The way I’m shopping recently it’s like I’m subconsciously trying to makeup for all the shopping I missed out on! Most of my money has been going into shoes – Jeffery Campbell shoes! We don’t have Jeffery Campbell in Australia (that I know of), so when I read about it in the blogsphere I had one of those ‘where-have-you-been-all-my-life’ moments. Last week I ordered snake skin Lita’s from Nasty Gal. Knowing that USPS is experiencing 10 business day delivery delays, I still ordered from the US…that I would part with $170 something like one whole month before getting my hands on the product is a testament to how much I really want these babies!


What about you guys? Do you buy things you regret then try to make them work?

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