Monday, September 26, 2011

Warning, highly addictive–felt miniature craft

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Apparently children ‘play house’ to mimic their parents. So then I guess our natural affinity for life-like miniature foods must be based, at some level, on nostalgia for our childhood.

What ever the reason. Felt miniature crafting is hella fun!

I first encountered this while I was living in Japan. I saw a felt cake making ‘kit’ in the 100 yen store and almost wet myself right there in the store from the cuteness overload. It’s surprising that I stuck with this hobby because I am actually extremely sucky at sewing! But felt is the perfect medium for someone me because even if you make a mistake the end product is still incredibly cute!

A few months ago my friend Serra asked me to teach her how to make felt miniatures to make into rings. Since then I’ve begun replenishing my sewing supplies (I had to leave everything in Japan when I left). Unfortunately felt craft is really unheard of in Australia, so it’s been hard to find some really important colours. They usually come in gaudy primary and secondary colours. To make realistic miniatures you really need the tertiary colours. I think the colours most craft stores stock cater for people making mundane things like cushions or bags. To me this is a total waste, because felt is really perfect for making 3D figures.

Ok enough blab. Now for pictures!

10Lime cheesecake

11Coffee plunger and cup

13It really plunges teehee!

15Raisen sandwitch cookie

16Berry biscuit cake

There were all made using patterns books I bought from Japan :)

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