Friday, July 1, 2011

You’ll never leave home without…Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer!

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Ok, I know what you’re thinking – so much for your spending ban, Jiawa!

In my defense, I actually bought this two weeks ago, before I started my spending ban!

A few weeks ago I did a post on my AMO-chan (Japanese Model currently with Zipper Magazine)inspired makeup from her photo shoot in Used MIX Magazine. A few days after that, AMO-chan herself added me on facebook! Since chatting to her I’ve come to see that she’s such a down to earth and nice person! She always shares the things she’s in love with at the moment with her friends. When we were talking about my post about her makeup she recommended that I try Paul & Joe Brilliant A Levres Lip Lacquer which was the lip colour she was wearing for the Used Mix shoot.

I guess I was a bit star stuck so I went on a search immediately for this product! To be fair though, I’ve been in love with Paul & Joe forever. Someone commented on my post about the Lip Lacquer that it was available on ASOS.com! I bought it straight away! (I also tried to buy the famous Paul & Joe nail polishes, but ASOS won’t mail it overseas).


I was too poor to choose express shipping, so finally it arrived, 2 weeks later! My first impression was wow, what beautiful packaging~


Then, when I opened it, I realized that the colour was not exactly what I wanted. I wanted a pure orange…this one was decidedly coral.


But nonetheless this is really an amazing lip product! So smooth and rich, and is non-sticky. The formula is practically opaque and the colour is so vibrant it almost has a neon glow! This is definitely one of my favourite lip products this winter, second only to the Dior Addict High Shine Lip Colour.

The only issue is I’m not into the squeeze tube. It’s difficult to control how much comes out. And you don’t want to put to much of this on at once as it’s quite a thick formula and you’ll be blotting off the excess. I found it easiest applying with my finger.

I’m now on the hunt for more Paul & Joe products (when my spending ban is lifted!). I’ve always loved products from this label from afar because of the adorable packaging. Who could forget the cat shaped lipsticks?


The next thing I’d love to try is the Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation! I just love the idea of this cute little bottle sitting on my vanity…


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