Thursday, July 14, 2011

A great way to give new wear to an old scarf!

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Lately I’ve been collecting second hand scarves in all different colours and patterns. I think scarves are one of the most versatile accessories in the world, and people don’t wear them enough these days. My boom’ at the moment is tying them into oversized hair bows. It’s so easy, you should try it!


This look requires quite a large/long scarf. The one I used was about 1m x 1m. 


1. Lay out the scarf
2. Fold scarf in a triangle
3. Roll scarf until about 5cm thick
4. Wrap rolled scarf around the back of your head towards your crown
5. Tie once
6. Tie into bow, making sure the knot is tight. Tuck ends of bow into the ‘hoops’.


If it doesn’t stay put, secure with pins.


And there you have it!


DO you have an interesting way of wearing scarves?

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