Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does Dolly Wink No.1 live up to the hype?

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For those of you who just joined us…

What is Dolly Wink and why is everyone talking about it?

Dolly Wink is a line of false eye lashes ‘produced’ by a famous Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. They are so popular because of their attractive designs, natural look and high quality. They are made with the Japanese ‘gyaru’ look in mind.

It’s funny, I’ve been wearing Dolly Wink for ages now, and I never got myself a pair of No.1 Dolly Sweet, even though it is the most popular design in Tsubasa Masuwaka’s line. When I was buying my first Dolly Wink lashes, I was definitely tossing up between the No.1 and No.2. They looked really similar at a glace, the only difference I could tell was the positioning of the thicker clumps. I bought No.2 and always had a ‘grass is greener’ feeling towards the No.1!

I know the Dolly Sweet is the most popular, but doe sit really live up to the hype? And how do they compare with Dolly Wink No.2?


I picked this up at Sasa.com for $13.50USD.

You get two pairs of lashes, a tube of eyelash glue, and very helpful application instructions.


Here’s how they look on me!





The lashes are quite thin and sparse on the inside and thicker on the outside, so the emphasis is really on fanning out the outside edge of the eye. To make the lashes stand out like Tsubasa-chan’s on the package, I suggest you curl these with an eyelash curler. As all the lashes in the Dolly Wink line are made so natural looking, it makes sense that you should apply mascara, just as you would to your own lashes.



  • So easy to apply! The bone is very flexible and molds to my eye curve effortlessly
  • Comes super long, perfect for extending the eye line and creating tare-me. My suggestion is, DON’T CUT THESE and glue them as close as you can to the inside corner.
  • Light weight and comfortable, does not poke or scratch even when glued to the inside corner
  • Very natural looking
  • Infinitely reusable if taken care of well


  • Maybe too natural looking, if you are after a more dramatic look
  • Lashes are sparse, may need mascara to make the inside ones show up.
  • Delicate – treat with care! From my experience with No.2, the  lashes stay in place at first, but as you use them more, they start to move along the bone. Don’t pull on them too hard, or you may pull off some lashes!


Now that I’m having a look at both designs up close, I can tell there is more difference than just the thick clumps being placed in different points. Lashes on No.2 Sweet Girly are much close together and also fan out more to give a more ‘fluffy’ look, while the No.1 Dolly Sweet aim to be more defined, with lashes being further placed apart and very straight.

Top: No.1 Dolly Sweet; Bottom: No.2 Sweet Girly

You can see that while the Dolly Sweet emphasize the outer edges of my eyes, the Sweet Girly gives a more ‘lashy’ look, with more evenly distributed volume.

Edit: The No.2’s have been cut of course! They come just as long as the No.1’s. Like I said though, please don’t cut your Dolly Winks! They look much better just the way they come :)

Dolly Sweet                 Sweet Girly

Personally, I still prefer No.2, as it is more dramatic and noticeable. But the No.1’s really are perfect for creating droopy eyes. I think these may be perfect to layer on top of one another. I will probably give this a try next time!


So what do you think? No.1 or No.2?

Spoiler: I will be giving away a set of Dolly Wink No.1’s in my soon to be announced 200 Followers Giveaway!

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