Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: cpRx Lash Prescription

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I've been thinking of trying a lash growing product for a while now, and the cpRx Lash Prescription is stocked by Myer at the moment. It must be flying off the shelves because it was out of stock last time I checked. I picked this one up on ebay for $47.95 - it's $69 on http://www.lashprescription.com/.

The product comes in the form of a pen that reminds me very much of the Clinique lip smoothie, but much thinner, with a twist bottom that pushes the serum up into the tip. You use it just like a liquid eyeliner.

This products promises up to 72.29% longer and thicker looking lashes within 42 days, and that I should see results in only 2 weeks. I'm slightly confused by the word 'looking' - how do lashes 'look' longer and thicker without actually being longer and thicker? The instruction book says that the secret is 'breakthrough peptide technology', but I couldn't find any information about what this means or how the product actually works.

Does it work?
So far yes! I have been using this product for approximately 3 weeks. I can see what looks to be new bottom lashes growing where there weren't any before. I haven't noticed any changes to my top lashes, but I still have 3 more weeks to come to a conclusion.

  • This can sting you eyes and make your eyelids go a little red after use. Getting it in your eyes hurts!
  • The instructions say one twist is enough, but it can take quite a while for the serum to get up to the brush. Sometimes it never does, so you give it another twist, then too much comes out...


  1. Wow, you have tons of lashes. (: Spare me some? Lol just kidding.

    Great Blog! I enjoyed reading your posts & love your style. Keep it up! :D

  2. Me? haha I have like 10 lashes. They are each so precious to me, I named them :P

    Thanks for the kind words! I haven't been blogging for long and I don't know what I'm doing, so any encouragement is appreciated!

  3. Your lashes are so voluminous!!~ Such nice lashes~ >< I'm jealousss~ Hope the Lash Prescription works out for your top lashes too! ^^

  4. I really think it must be the lighting.. Seriously, my eyelashes are next to invisible! >.<


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