Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vivi Magazine fashion scoop!

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According to Vivi Magazine Japan, the three 'Osshare' (trendy) words for 2011 are ずる(Zuru), 透け(Suke) and てろっ(Tero).

Zuru or Zuruyuru
I guess Zuru would translate as slouchy. This season will be loose and flowy from top to borrom (unlike last year, when the trend was to pair something loose with something tight). It's a challenging look to pull off as balance and silhouette are of the utmost importance, and one wrong move turns slouchy to sloppy.

I love Chloe's Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection, which is also along these lines.

Sukeru means sheer. We're not just talking Chiffon or lace, but loosely weaved knits and crochets, worn with a black bra underneath. These look hot with Maxi-skirts, flared pants and lace tights. Floral flared pants are recommended!

This year texture and material will be going slinky and slinky, like satin tops, silk shirts and soft wool blazers.

Vivi also loves ankle socks for Spring/Summer - as do I!

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