Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest purchases

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Tony Bianco Nude Heels: $75 from Ebay - bidding war :(
Zara 100% silk shirt: 49.85 from ebay - cheaper than expected!
Hakei skirt: $27 from ebay - steal!


  1. Omg the pumps are so pretty! I'm still looking for that perfect pair of nude pumps :D

  2. omg I know what you mean! I don't know why, but for an item that, in my opinion, every girl must have, there sure aren't that many around! What I specifically wanted was just a pair of plain very classic court shoes - no wedge, no huge platform, no peep toe, not too pointy and not too round. So when I saw these on ebay I wasn't going to let anyone else have'em!


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