Thursday, April 28, 2011

Funding my own closet since 2008

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...so then the Closet dreamed of a Burberry trench coat.

Being a junior lawyer single income earner while supporting the boyfriend through medical school is tough on a girl's wardrobe, but this hasn't stopped me from going 'up' that slippery slope of spending yet just that little bit more on every new purchase.

A year ago I loathed to spend more than $5 on lunch and no pair of shoes was 'on sale' for me unless it was 75% off the already reduced price (hence my collection of $25 shoes from Wittner). Then that all changed when I decided that skin and hair are beyond a price and that gave me a licence to buy the best. First it was $100 at the Clinique counter, then it was $300 on a cut and colour. So, if a haircut costs $300, then a $200 bag is practically a steal..? As if I needed any further justification, but I then theorised that spending $20 here and $30 there is the same and saving it all to buy something really nice once in a while...right?

So my new scheme is this: For everyday that I don't eat out at lunch, I can put $10 toward my Closet Fund. I'm up to day two - wow $20 already. The plan is to save $1000 in 100 days. Then-gosh darn it-I will buy that trench coat of my dreams!

...or perhaps the Mulberry Alexa of my dreams :)


  1. i'd love to own a trench coat like that!!

  2. my closet also dreams of that burberry trench coat! :D
    x http://ohmycocorico.blogspot.com/

  3. @Jennifer: You can!! But the questions, is do you really want to say goodbye to that much money for just a trench coat? $1000 is a loooot of makeup xD

    @Coco: Closets are greedy :/

  4. I think its a great idea. Sure it is alot of money however you have an achievable goal and you're willing to make sensible sacrifices. If people went without their everyday coffee and muffin they could easily save $50-$70 a week, it is easy to save if you are willing to compromise. And remember that you're buying more than a designer piece - its an investment, and it will outlast several cheaper, lower quality trenches, and be a true wardrobe staple.

  5. That's exactly my point - it's money I would have spent on other things that I appreciate less. The question is though, by the time I saved up that money, would I spend it on a piece of clothing, or buy something more useful...like something for my house..?


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